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Canada’s Biggest Casino Winners in History

Amazingly enough, people hear more about lotto winners than they do about casino winners. This may be because, statistically speaking, people put more faith into winning the lotto than they would with betting at online casinos. However, taking an in-depth look into news headlines across Canadian casino news, the numbers don’t lie and some of the luckiest players have quite literally hit the jackpot far outweighing the number of lotto winners.

Since the birth of online gambling, players across Canada have won substantial payouts that are easier to keep track of than that of land-based gambling. Also, more players tend to win easier payouts online as there are methods of increasing one’s chances of winning. This is mainly due to free casino games that allow players to become familiar with casino games without losing any real cash. Taking a look at the first of Canada’s biggest casino winners brings us to Scott Taylor, one lucky Canadian player that won $155,345 playing a progressive round of the infamous Blackjack. Hitting 4 Aces in a row allowed him the immediate title of one of the biggest Canadian casino winners in history. During his interview, Scott proclaimed that the win has only increased his passion for the game and even though he couldn’t believe his luck, he has planned a trip away with his winnings.

Next up was the incredible story of one Canuck, who back in 2015, hit an unbelievable win of C$7.5 million dollars simply by playing the ever-popular Mega Moolah progressive slots game directly from his mobile device! This still holds the record for one of the biggest mobile wins to date. Mega Moolah has not only delivered mobile wins. Marcus Goodwin from Canada hit it really big. He won 11.6 Million Canadian in November 2016 and still holds the 4thbiggest jackpot win ever on Mega Moolah.

Talking about lucky players, one man from Alberta, Canada was lucky enough to hit it big not once but twice! Winning small from the beginning by playing his favorite slots game, Avalon, he finally landed a big one on a single spin. This earned him C$72,650 and feeling lucky he cashed out immediately. But this didn’t stop him from returning four months later and when he did he won an additional lump sum of C$13,900.

Although there have been many lucky Canadian men to hit their luck at online casinos, winning doesn’t discriminate and that is where Kathryn from Canada comes in. This lucky lady was playing at a land-based casino in Niagara Falls when she saw a Michael Jackson themed video slots game. As she was about to leave the musical themed video slot caught her attention and that’s when she claimed she hit her stroke of luck. Kathryn, at 55 years of age, had only put in $60 and upon her final spin, she hit the big time! She walked away with C$1.8 million claiming “I chose this machine because I love Michael Jackson’s music and I was lucky to win a few hundred dollars the first time I played. This time I put in only $60”. That is one lucky lady that brought the Prince of Pop home!

One for the books, quite literally, was a winner that played at an online casino and made his winnings into the Guinness Book of Records. In September 2011, one sleepless player found himself playing NetEnt’s famous Mega Fortune progressive slot and won a staggering amount of 11 million Euro, the largest sum to have been won a few years back!

Many of these notorious online casinos that have gifted their members with spectacular winnings proudly display their champions across their home page, a page of monetary heroes if you will. This is to inspire the rest of their returning members and show their loyalty to their patrons, spreading optimism and of course making history across the world. The trick is to gamble responsibly and play with a general knowledge of the game. This increases the winning opportunity for any gaming enthusiast and also places the odds in their favor.

Don’t forget the little guy! Of course, there are those that win substantial amounts, but it is the ones that win life-changing sums that inspire the rest of the public and throughout all these wondrous winning stories, one thing remains a constant. Casino enthusiasts can get lucky, it all just depends on which way the dice falls, the reel spins and how much faith you have that lady luck will be on your side!





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