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6 Tips to Improve Your Critical Essay Writing Skills

We all know how important it is for students to have outstanding essay writing skills if they are have success in their academic pursuit. However, it is saddening that many students lack these skills and as a result, they get low grades in their papers which match their poor essay writing skills. A good student ought to take the initiative of improving themselves in terms of their writing skills. This article will list and explain six tips that will help you improve your critical essay writing skills and set you on the path to academic success.

Practice! Practice! Practice!

Practice is the secret to mastery and excellence. Many students are too lazy to write an essay at their own pleasure leave alone having enough time to write an essay assignment issued by their teacher. Well, success does not come easy. If you are to improve your essay writing then you have to pay the price and put in the time. You can also improve your essays by using custom thesis writing services, like Ok Essay. This is because you get to interact with competent and talented thesis writers who at your request can give you guidelines on how to write your essays. Moreover, essay writing services are highly dependable since they offer a money-back guarantee in case the paper fails to meet your expectations. That way, you don’t stand a chance to lose anything. Learn about different types of essays and their structures, write them and share with your peers or your teachers, but most importantly, keep writing. Set targets for yourself, for example, make a personal objective of writing at least two essays every week. This will significantly help you to flawlessly know the various components of a good essay and how they are structured within the essay. With this mastery, you will inevitably have an easy time doing your essay assignments and exams.

Engage In English Writing Contests

Secondly, get the necessary exposure and surround yourself with other students who love and are competent in essay writing. With this in mind, you can register for different writing contests in and outside your school. It is in such places that you will not only get challenged but also learn from other students who are competent in essay writing. Moreover, the desire to emerge as the winner in these competitions will act as a fueling factor for you to put more effort into learning and improving your writing skills. You are likely to come across students from other schools in these competitions, students with whom you can share and exchange content and ideas. The right exposure is integral to growth and development.

Make A Habit Of Reading Extensively

It is ultimately impossible for any writer to do away with reading. Knowledge is progressive, and ideas are built on other ideas. You might not be such a fan of reading, but the truth is there is no other way out. Read almost every material you can get your hands on. Ready novels, read online articles, read newspapers, read magazines, read your notes. That is how you keep widening your knowledge base. A student who has acquainted themselves with so much information with regards to a particular subject is certainly going to have an easy time writing a great essay on the subject than a student who has little or no clue about the subject. Reduce your TV-watching hours, your playing hours, your hanging out hours, and start spending more time in the library reading books. It is worth mentioning here that extensive reading will not only help you to improve in your essay writing skills but also in other subjects hence an overall improvement in your grades. It might be difficult to start but set out on building the habit.

Do Comprehensive Research

Before taking your pen and start writing your essay, take a considerable amount of your time to do extensive research about what you want to write. It is a common mistake among students where you find a student thinks that they know all about the topic they have been given. The result of this is that students run out of ideas even before completing their essay, and in a worst case, may provide shallow or even vague ideas in their essay. The purpose of research is to provide you with weighty points with which you can support your arguments fully without exhausting them. Insufficient research will inevitably lead a student to use empty repetitions in their writing out of their desperation to attain the required length of the essay. Research will also help you obtain information on the current affairs regarding your essay’s topic.

Have A Writer Role Model

It is amazing how having a role model in anything can help one maintain their pursuit and desire to become like them. The case is not any different with writing. It is important you identify a writer whom you love, enjoy and admire their content. This will help you keep motivated since each time you read their content you will be reminded of the effort you need to put in so as to improve your writing skills. In addition to this, there are times when you won’t feel like reading and the only thing you can get your hands on a book written by your favorite writer.

Build On Your Knowledge Of Stylistic Devices

Increasing your knowledge and vocabulary on different stylistic devices is like extending and stocking your armory. These devices are integral elements of creative writing, most important for spicing and coloring your essay. In other words, they help you to better express yourself in your writing. Spend time going through the foundational elements of English, the figurative elements and so on and so forth. These will give you absolute flexibility in your writing as they will enable you to present your ideas to your reader in a much more creative and attractive manner.

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