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5 Cool Editing Tools to Improve Your Writing

Students are always looking for tools to improve their essay while performing their writing task. It’s a big job to produce an A grade error-free paper. You don’t want to feel embarrassed when your professor reads your paper that has some spelling or grammatical errors. Luckily, there are several editing tools that will make the proofreading process a way easier and much more effective. We have made a list of the essential online editing applications that can polish your essay within minutes.Buying research papers from a trustworthy website guarantees you 100% success in the subject. Online writing specialists of the companies like WritePro.net often receive messages like “Write my paper for cheap on WritePro.net” and with enthusiasm embrace such quests.

This online software detects writing mistakes through natural processing by using artificial intelligence. Hemingway is very popular among writers and bloggers because of its user-friendly text editing system. It highlights too complex structures and phrases eliminating unnecessary or excessive words and turning passive sentences into active ones. The tool counts paragraphs, characters, and words. It also shows the readability score of a written piece. Many prefer Hemingway because it employs colors to present various suggestions.

The editor is available for Mac and Windows for free. The premium version for desktop allows you to use some advanced features, including offline use, a direct post of the content into a management system and other privileges.

This real-time spelling and grammar checker showcases an excellent pack of editing features among a great range of platforms. The User Interface of this software is very simple to use. Simply paste the targeted text into the text box and wait for the misplaced punctuation and grammar check. According to the well-established resources and software testers, Grammarly is claimed to correct 250 kinds of grammatical errors at one go. It also scans for poor vocabulary usage and contextual stylistic errors. The checker is available for free and the premium version comes with a subscription that starts form thirty dollars per month.

If you want to use this tool for free, you have to sign up first. Alike other writing tools, ProWritingAid proofreads your work and provides with immediate feedback. It offers a deep insight into your content, such as sentence structure, readability measures, dialogue, overused words and a lot more. ProWritingAid distinguishes unnecessary words such as when, who, where, why and detects clichés. There is an option to get a special Summary Report that explains all the edits. If you hit the target, you will see thumbs up, if not – thumbs down.

ProWritingAid is a complete package of solutions to your editing operations. The free version has only some basic features, but in order to use a plagiarism checker and some advanced features, you will have to purchase a premium version.

SmartEdit automatically runs 20 different checks on your essay. It concerns highlighting misused words and misspellings, checking for adverbs and searching for repeated phrases. There is one distinctive feature of this tool – it doesn’t automatically remove words from the content. The software offers a dialogue tag, a report on misused words, a redundancy list, a list of foreign phrases and a lot more. The free trial lasts for ten days and lets you use all the features.

Typely supports the User interface very much like a typewriter print. It gives stats including character count and word count, the time needed to read your content and many more. If you need to pause the checking process, with Typely, it is problem free as you can save the work for further proofreading. The tool offers to convert your document to PDF file with annotations showing the results. If you have a writing aim in your mind, this online tool will help you stay focused and on the right track detecting what needs to be changed.


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