$100 Investment in Golden Inu ($Golden) Initial Coin offering Will Yield $70,000 If this Happens

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Golden Inu launched the Initial Coin Offering presale for their $Golden erc20 network token just days ago.  This weekend it passed the 10.42% sales milestone, meaning buyers are looking ‘bullish’ in belief on the coin.   With 2 crypto apps already launched, $Golden Dashboard and $Golden Quest.  However, it’s not just the technology that has crypto traders interested, but instead, it’s that and the outstanding trends in investment yields.

$Golden (bep20) Token Yielded $7500 Return Per $100 Invested

According to CryptoNews, Golden Inu launched on February 24th.  Coinfomania reported the token surging to an All-Time High by the 28th, a +200% yield on initial investments. 

The offer at ICO pre-sale for the bep20 network version was 50T $Golden tokens per US Dollar invested.   Per $200 invested, traders got 10 Quadrillion tokens.   

The initial gains were minuscule in comparison to where the token landed by March 27th, the standing all-time high of US$0.000000000015, with a trading volume of over US$41,000.    

This leap of token value, which included the deletion of 1 zero to the right of the decimal,  was a price increase of over +750% amazingly.  This netted ICO and pre-sale investors approximately $7500 per $100 invested.

ERC20 Token ICO Launch A Final Phase Before Cross-Chain DEX

Now, Golden Inu is in the second and final phase of creating the two tokens needed for their coming cryptocurrency change, which will have cross-chain swapping.

The ICO presale for the $Golden erc20-network token has begun. While the supply available is bigger, investors are diving in at a rapid pace anticipating bigger returns.

Why would Golden Inu’s ERC20 Token Have higher Yields on Initial Coin Offering Investments?

The launch of the new decentralized crypto index will be held at the end of the final funding round of this ICO.      To be titled ‘Golden Inu Exchange,’ there are high expectations for the new decentralized exchange as the brand will try to draw in massive amounts of users from the 50-million+ crypto holders in South America, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Followings on social media have already begun rising from the push. The subreddit loyalist’s stronghold has grown to 1,001 users following from the ‘Golden Horde.’  Twitter has over 3,900 crypto enthusiasts watching tweets by the Golden Inu developers.   

With more users, other crypto exchange listings, and a $Golden token-reliant decentralized crypto exchange that has the cross-chain trading capability — ROI on the erc20 token should be higher.  And by ‘higher,’ it’s possible up to 5x higher or +3500% yields.

According to Coingecko, trading volume looks bullish and this is likely due to the recent news on the exchange and amazon marketplace coming at the end of this ICO.    That and the fact, the token has been seeing price increases of 4-10% consistently each week, with corrections only affecting 50% of those gains when held long term.  In layman’s terms, $Golden has seen consistent returns.

$GOLDEN token (ERC20 Network) ROI Predictions

Based on factual data from the bep20 launch, here are predictions on potential ERC20 token ICO investment yields after the Decentralized Crypto Exchange Launches to the public:

  • Same as bep20 token: +750% yields = $7,500 per $100 invested
  • Same as bep20 token: +750% yields = $7,500 per $100 invested
  • Mildly Higher Yields: +1000% yields = $10,000 per $100 invested
  • Expected Yields: +3500% yields = $35,000 per $100 invested
  • Exceptional Yields: +5000% yields = $50,000 per $100 invested

All predictions are based on a model which relies on 60 days of time, post-public trade, and the launching of Golden Inu Exchange [crypto DEX].  These estimates are derived from factual returns on the $Golden bep20 token, purchased during their initial presale and ICO. 

In a worst-case scenario, a 250% return is expected in the first 60 days, which trumps the ROI of precious metals such as Gold, Platinum, and silver.  In comparison,  investors in these metals see such returns over 5 to 6 years, compared to what Golden Inu investors harvested from ICO investing in under 60 days.

Is Golden Inu Token a Scam? No. It’s legit and verified.

Golden Inu outperformed 95% of the cryptocurrency market in its first two months.  This includes Dogecoin, Dogecash, Shiba Inu, Litecoin, Ethereum, Solana, and more.

The Golden Inu token has verified liquidity, verified KYC founder,  verified smart contract security and NFT clearance.   Assured Defi [profile], a trusted crypto authority, has done background and security checks.

Liquidity is a huge problem with most cryptocurrencies and exchanges.  It’s the reason most go insolvent during bank runs, as there are not enough liquid cash reserves to payout all token holders.   

Golden Inu Liquidity vs Other Cryptocurrencies

Golden Inu has an industry-leading, $1 cash per $2.8 tokens in circulation.   Users have to raise the slippage fee to 7% when buying or selling to join the ecosystem.  This slippage fee [gas fee] contributes to the liquidity pool, and will eventually give Golden Inu more fiat or cash reserves than actual tokens in circulation.

At the launch of the $Golden bep20, the Liquid to Market Cap ratio was $1-to-$8.  Now it is $1-to-$2.8, which is only rivaled by the Binance-Chain network’s parent brand, Binance Exchange.    

Cryptocurrencies such as Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, Floki Inu, and others have much more lopsided reserves.   There’s approximately  $1 liquid cash per $70 in circulation on these brands, which means a bank run would crush these brands.   

Early brands like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin have millions of cash in reserves that can never be unlocked due to early investors losing their hot wallet keys or losing their cold wallet.

Crypto traders can buy into the Golden Inu ICO presale via their official website: Presale.GoldenInuToken.org today.