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The Benefits of Legal Transcription Services Over Court Reporting Firms

During any legal proceeding, it is necessary to make sure that you have a proper record of everything that was stated during a trial. When you are looking to have a case properly transcribed, there are a variety of different options to choose from. Two of the main options today are legal transcription services or engaging a court-reporting firm. While both of these services provide a similar final product, there are differences between the two options that need to be understood.

A court reporting firm will type a verbatim transcript of all information that took place in the courtroom. During this process, they will essentially create a transcript of what took place during a session in court. When they are providing this service, they are required to listen and also type at the same time as they are required to provide a real-time report. This can make it challenging if someone speaks too fast or not clearly.

With a legal transcription service, someone will type out a transcript of what has already occurred in a courtroom or other legal setting. These services will normally receive an audio file – sometimes even recorded with an iPhone or Android device – and set about creating a transcript document out of its contents. The legal transcription service company is then able to use a variety of tools to type out everything that was spoken during the session in court. While a court reporting service is more traditional, there are several advantages that come with a legal transcription service.

More Affordable

One of the main advantages of a legal transcription service is that it is more affordable. When you need to hire someone ive and in person that will transcribe a deposition during discovery or a hearing in the courtroom, you will find that these people are very expensive. However, someone that is simply transcribing material that has been previously recorded can do so more efficiently through the use of highly specialized teams of transcriptionists working from home. This makes them much more efficient and the cost is passed on to the client. In many cases, these confidential transcription services can cost 25%-%50 less than the services provided by a court reporter.

More Convenient

Another advantage of a legal transcription service is that it can be far more convenient for you to access. Due to the demand of court reporters and overall lack of supply, you may find that a reporter could be booked out weeks or months in advance. If you need something transcribed quickly, this could prove to be problematic. With a transcription service, you can take advantage of a network of professionals that are located all over the country. This will allow you to get a quick turnaround from a skilled professional when you need it.


Many people will also find that a legal transcription service is far more accurate. The job that is required for a court reporter is very difficult. While many court reporters are skilled and experienced, there’s always room for error when transcribing in real-time. If someone does not speak clearly, it can be very challenging for them to accurately transcribe the record in real time.

Since having legal records that are completely accurate is important, using a legal transcription service is often preferable. These services are able to listen to audio records, which allow them to take their time and rewind when necessary. They also have access to recording and transcribing tools that are not available to court reporters. Because of this accuracy, they are also able to certify the records that they provide to you.

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