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Run for fun in the Sun

ROC Race

So, I like to run. But the road races – nah, not so much. The ‘fun runs’? Yes please! I’m a sucker for an obstacle, a river, a tightrope, a waterfall, a ditch of mud, a waterslide, rubber rings or a foam pit. Or even Zombies!

clairerocRecently I took part in the Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge, which is an original game show-inspired obstacle run featuring 12 big obstacles, including the infamous Wrecking Ball, the Sweeper, Jump Balls, and the World’s Largest Inflatable Water Slide!

It was crazy!

Why did I love this? Because it kept me amused, there was a challenge at every turn, and it felt like a super fun bootcamp at a waterpark! I’m so doing it again next year! (In fact, I wish I could have gone round twice!)

Zombie Run

Next up was the Zombie Run. This is more a mud run, so you have to prepare to get dirty. 

The Zombie Race is a zombie-filled obstacle run. The aim is to run from virus-spreading, blood-hungry zombies. Yes, really.

Runners will have to do everything they can to conquer all the obstacles and escape the zombies waiting to eat your brains.

This is a tough race, with some deep water, mud pits and really quite hard milita style obstacles. As a runner you are given a flag belt with three health flags on it.   The idea is that you wear it with one on each hip, and one is behind you. During the race the zombies attempt to take your health flags and eat your brains (they don’t actually do this, just to clarify!).  Each zombie may only take ONE health flag.  Zombies cannot take your health flags if you are on, or in line for an obstacle.  The obstacles are designed to help runners escape from the zombies’ grip. Even if you are ‘infected’, you can still finish the race. 

clairezombieraceThe rules are pretty strict in this race, since apparently there was some fighting between zombies and humans!! They state also, that: ‘You do not become a zombie if you lose all of your health flags, and cannot attack other runners.  Doing so is a violation of the rules and will get you disqualified and asked to leave.’

I loved this too, and now I have the bug! 

So, the fun race list is now being compiled……

In July I’m doing the Electric Run and have signed up for the Color Run in the fall. And then there’s the Rebel Race, the Mud Run and maybe, just maybe…Tough Mudder!


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