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Grenada Elections: Keith Mitchell wept following clean sweep at the polls

For the second time in his political history, the Keith Mitchell-led New National Party NNP swept the polls and obliterated the National Democratic Congress (NDC) from the political landscape in Grenada’s general elections.

The country resoundingly voted in a new Government on Feb. 19, handing the opposition NNP 15 of 15 seats.

Mitchell can boast of having an edge on the other Caribbean leaders, having been the first Caribbean Prime Minister to win all the seats up for grabs in a general election on two occasions.

The first Caribbean leader to have won all the seats in a national election was St. Vincent and the Grenadines’s James Mitchell.

Keith Mitchell swept all 15 seats back in 1999 in spite of his Government collapsing on the grounds of corruption following the resignation of his right hand Minister, Dr. Raphael Fletcher.


Voters stand in line to vote. Photo courtesy

Preliminary results show that Mitchell beat his rival Thomas by more than 10,000 votes. Up to the time this story was published, the NNP amassed 31, 014 votes to the NDC’s 20, 326.

“I cried a couple tears tonight when I listened to the results,” said a visibly overwhelmed Mitchell to thousands of his supporters who gathered in the capital St. George city to celebrate the party’s victory.

In a speech dripping with emotion, Mitchell appealed to the mammoth crowd and to the churches on the Spice Island to pray for his Government, admitting the task ahead will not be easy.

He promised to help boost cricket in the Caribbean and to ensure Grenada play a more prominent role in CARICOM. “Grenada will play its rightful role in the leadership of CARICOM; we will reclaim our place in the community of nations for the Caribbean”, assured Mitchell.

At the religious crusade-like rally, the country’s Prime Minister to be – impressed upon the gathering that the victory is not a Keith Mitchell victory. “This is a victory led by God and the people of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique,”  Mitchel saidl.

With his head pitched to the heavens, the fourth term Prime Minister told the audience: “We love you, we love what you are doing for your country, we won’t let you down”, he said.

Mitchell declared Friday a public holiday; a time when the country will take to the streets and revel in this astounding victory.


2013 Election Results

status: OPEN

Party   Total Seats Total Votes Votes/Cast Votes/Electors
NNP 0 24869   58.8   35.0
NDC 0 17218   40.7   24.2
MIC 0 11    0.0    0.0
IND 0 5    0.0    0.0
GOD 0 13    0.0    0.0
GRP 0 8    0.0    0.0
GUPM 0 8    0.0    0.0
NUF 0 119    0.2    0.1
PULP 0 0    0.0    0.0
— undecided — 15    0.0    0.0
 TOTALS 15 42289   99.9   59.6
 Registered Voters 70869
 Rejected Ballots 38



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