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Boosting Self-Confidence 

I have been talking to a great friend of mine from Tampa, Florida recently about some of the life changes she has made to boost her self-confidence.  She was sick and tired of making the same excuses and not allowing herself to amp up her self-confidence to the next level.  Having no self-confidence was really affecting her life, she stopped going out as much and was really lacking the motivation to change.  She did not know where to start but knew deep down that something had to change.


One of the first things that she focused on changing was her diet.  She knew she was eating a really unhealthy diet because of persistent weight gain over the years.  Her way of thinking was a better body must equal a better mind.  So, she sat down to review her calorie intake and current weight to see what she needed to eat to drop a few pounds.  She really recommended downloadable calorie counters for your smartphone, they were extremely helpful to her and helped her keep on track. Now that she has made the change to a balanced/healthy diet she believes she is really reaping the rewards.  She preached that it is so important that once you start, please don’t stop and thinks that allowing yourself treat meals once a week helps get your comfort food fix.


She hasnt only drastically changed her diet, she also massively increased the amount of exercise that she is doing.  She used to find working out extremely dull and struggled to maintain it, simply due to losing interest.  Her way of thinking is that exercise does not have to be boring cardio work, she hates simply running on a treadmill or going on an exercise bike for hours.  She was reading through comments on social media and saw the number of different options that she had available to her.  She always had interest in boxing and rock climbing, so she saw that as a great way to get her exercise in.  She reviews numerous different climbing routes and boxing classes and fits them into her day to day routine.

Cosmetic Surgery

She knows that a lot of things to boost her self-confidence are completely in her own hands, however, the fact is you can’t change everything you don’t like by yourself.  This is why when on her recent trip to Tampa, Florida she decided to have some cosmetic surgery at the clinic Sono Bello.  She has not stopped talking about how much the surgery has improved her self-confidence.  Her way of thinking is that there is nothing wrong with changing something that you do not like about yourself.


The last thing that my friend mentioned was how important getting a good night sleep is to her new-found mentality.  She makes sure that she gets at least eight hours per night as it refreshes her physical and mental performance. It gives her the fuel to complete all of her workouts and motivates her to continue to improve her self-confidence.

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